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Dear Partners, 

 It is nice when the results of your work get a decent score and something that worked, brings people good! For us, as for Ukraine, 2016 was not easy, but it became the year of change, which we have been going. Our team significantly upgraded and rejuvenate, we create new innovative production regions in Ukraine, new jobs with decent wages, have developed a number of new products as a modern industrial group and in food. We are on the right track in the development of Ukraine's economy, and now of "paper mill crown", which is part of the Group Crown Group International was the "Enterprise of the Year 2016" in the national ranking of goods and services "as Star 2016". The slogan "star quality" - "The best should be seen" and we are very pleased that this time - is of "paper mill crown." Our friendly staff are sincerely grateful to all our partners and customers for their trust and fruitful cooperation! We wish all of us and inspiration next year!


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